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Welcome to Premier Mugs - the best selection of mugs period! All of our mugs are hand-picked and made from high quality materials and provided by suppliers where quality is important. We have a vigorous review process and only the best mugs are sold. In fact, several of our mugs are made in smaller batches to ensure that quality.

If you are looking to add to your collection, we recommend that you subscribe to our monthly mug club. This subscription-based service provides you a special package once a month including a mug, free product samples, newsletter, and coupons. We often randomly choose one select subscriber who will receive a voucher for free merchandise too! Who doesn't love freebies!

We love feedback from our customers, so if you ever have some ideas for mugs, we'd love to hear from you!

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Our signature mug service starts at $25 per month with longer comittments with bigger discounts. This will include a mug, some sample of some kind, a newsletter, some coupons for our mug shop, and occasionally one lucky subscriber will get a voucher for free merchandise.

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